1000 Degrees Pizza is Closing, Again

It’s official. Lubbock’s 1000 Degrees Pizza off Indiana is closing their doors by the end of March, or until supplies last.

1000 Degrees Pizza offers pizza selections in a Neapolitan-style. Thanks to the pandemic, along with financial struggles, 1000 Degrees Pizza has decided to officially wrap up in Lubbock. Last month, the location off 19th closed as well.

Not only does the restaurant offer Neapolitan-style pizza, including the Sausage and Peppers and the Philly pizzas, but one can also enjoy Roman-style pizza, such as the Meatza and Hawaiian Fire; one can also pair their pizza with a salad, such as a Classic Caesar, Buffalo Chicken, or Greek, along with wings, such as pesto and garlic parmesan.

To view 1000 Degrees Pizza’s menu, click here. Until shut down, 1000 Degrees Pizza is located at 11804 off Indiana.

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