Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas to Open at OMNI Theater May 27th
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The mission to protect and defend the world’s oceans has become far more complex and challenging in recent years, and naval aviation has become increasingly vital to success. One of the greatest engineering feats in the history of naval warfare, the modern Nimitz-class nuclear carrier, is a masterpiece of technology, and the flagship of the U.S. fleet. Aircraft Carrier is a large-format, immersive film packed with adrenaline-laced visuals and human stories that pay stirring tribute to the crucial role modern aircraft carriers play in maintaining the freedom of the seas, and keeping the sea lanes open for commerce.

With unprecedented logistical assistance and access by the United States Navy, Aircraft Carrier places audiences aboard a Nimitz-class carrier, during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercises. RIMPAC provides a striking visual context for the size and scale of the maritime drill – with over 22 nations and 55 ships participating – along with 92 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters on the carrier itself, a veritable city at sea (population nearly 5,000 crew). Aircraft Carrier brings audiences not only aboard the carrier, but also the Navy’s newest submarines and cockpit of the Navy’s next generation aircraft, the F-35. Viewers get a unique perspective on these new stealth fighters, observing their advanced technology systems and experiencing the pilot’s perspective as it catapults off from the carrier into flight.

Aircraft Carrier features stunning and extensive computer generated visualizations of the technology that makes a carrier the preeminent maritime vessel – the apex warship – in naval history. The film presents a gender and ethnically diverse group of capable young sailors successfully applying a wide range of STEM disciplines. The RIMPAC exercise recognizes the international cooperation necessary to maintain peace in a complex world,” said Stephen Low, the film’s award winning director of Fighter Pilot, and 16 other giant screen documentary classics.

“It is certainly a film that should engage all viewers – from military history enthusiasts, engineering buffs, to fans of futuristic technology… and, of course, giant screen movie audiences that love being transported to a place they are unlikely to ever go themselves. Aircraft Carrier provides an engaging learning experience focusing on STEM subjects. Throughout the film, crew members are shown using innovative technology to solve real world problems, showcasing careers in math, science, technology, and engineering.

For additional film information and to view the film’s trailer, visit Aircraft Carrier, directed by veteran giant screen format filmmaker Stephen Low, is
produced and distributed by K2 Communications and Giant Screen Films. Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas will be showing at the Science Spectrum OMNI
Theater from May 27th through Fall 2022. For film showtimes go to:

OMNI Theater General Admission Ticket Rates:
$8.50 Adults
$7.00 Children (ages 3-12)
$7.00 Seniors (60+)
Free for children 2 and under.

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