Beyond Time and Terror: David Matalon’s Journey with ‘Totally Killer’

Step into the creative universe of writer, director, and actor David Matalon as he unravels the gripping narrative behind his latest Amazon Prime movie, “Totally Killer,” on Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon. Delve into the complexities of time travel, psycho killers, and casting decisions alongside Matalon. What were the inspirations fueling his sci-fi masterpiece? From the challenges of navigating the writers’ strike to the joys of collaborating with a talented ensemble cast David shares it all. Tune in for an intimate conversation that transcends the ordinary, as usual, only on Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon.

Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon is the conversation series where actors, artists, authors, and more go deeper than a traditional interview. They go “Beyond the Mic”.

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