Big 12 Conference Announces NEW 2020 Big 12 Schedule
Texas Tech vs Houston

After the Big 10 and Pac 12 decided to check out from the 2020 NCAA Football year, there was much consternation about the Big 12. Would they join the Big 10, MAC, Mountain West and Pac 12 in cancelling this year?

The answer was a resounding no.

From the Big 12 Conference :

“The Board continues to believe that the health and well-being of our student-athletes must guide all decisions” commented Board of Directors Chairman and TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini. “To that end the Board has consistently relied on the advice and counsel of top medical experts to determine the viability of available options.  Our student-athletes want to compete, and it is the Board’s collective opinion that sports can be conducted safely and in concert with the best interests of their well-being.  We remain vigilant in monitoring the trends and effects of COVID 19 as we learn more about the virus.  If at any point our scientists and doctors conclude that our institutions cannot provide a safe and appropriate environment for our participants, we will change course.

Big 12 members have committed to enhanced COVID-19 testing that includes three tests per week in “high contact” sports, like Football, Volleyball and Soccer.  Additionally, return to play protocols after positive occurrences will include an EKG, troponin blood test, echocardiogram, and cardiac MRI. Non-conference football opponents must also adhere to COVID-19 testing protocols that conform to Big 12 standards during the week leading up to competition.”

Here is the Big 12 conference schedule:

Texas Tech’s schedule looks like this:

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