Can You Smell the Ramen?

Attention all ramen lovers! Ken Chan Ramen is opening up in Lubbock! Located where Cowboy Chicken used to operate at 4415 off the South Loop, Ken Chan Ramen is currently undergoing construction.

At Ken Chan Ramen, one can enjoy ramen such as Chan Char Siu Ramen Tonkotsu, a top seller with pork bone broth, char siu pork, and more; one can also enjoy Hot Cha-Cha Ramen with Bomb Jang sauce, which is pork bone broth, spicy Bomb Jang sauce, ajitama egg, menma, scallions, and corn. Ken Chan Ramen will also serve signature appetizers and rice bowls.

CTO and Chief consultant Chanchan Suu has spent 30 years trying to master the authentic ramen experience, and strives for a mission to offer Hakata-Ramen’s umami flavor, a high glory of Japanese Ramen.

For a more and a list of Ken Chan Ramen’s menu, visit here.

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