Mayor Dan Pope has issued a fifth declaration of disaster for the City of Lubbock to assist the mitigate the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

City of Lubbock Disaster Updated 5:.

This order does not mandate sheltering in place.

Social gatherings of more than 10 people is prohibited.

Drinking or eating at bars, restaurants and food courts or visiting gyms or massage parlors is prohibited and use of drive thru, pickup or delivery is HIGHLY encouraged.

The following businesses have been declared non-essential :

Hair salons, barbershops, hail stylists, nail salons, tattoo parlors, piercing businesses, tanning salons and hair removal waxing businesses.

Commercial Amusement and Entertainment Venues

Enclosed Shopping Malls

Group Meeting Spaces

Non-essential Retail Establishments

The following businesses have been declared essential:

Grocery stores, pharmacies and package stores

Pet supply stores and vet clinics

Healthcare providers

Vehicle fuel stations

Banks & Financial Institutions

Day Care Centers

Critical Infrastructure Businesses which support critical infrastructure or supply chain needs as described by the Cyber & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)


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