City of Lubbock’s Parks and Recreation Easter Clean-Up

With Easter around the corner, we ask the community to help us keep the parks clean. Easter holiday weekend is traditionally one of the busiest within our park system. Therefore, Parks and Recreation staff will place additional trash bins at City Parks and staff will be working through the weekend in an effort to keep parks clean.

Parks and Recreation staff will provide park-goers with trash bags in the park. We ask that if you get a bag from us, please tie them up and leave them so Parks and Recreation staff can pick them up on Monday morning. In the past this has been a successful way to keep our parks clean. If you see a City Parks employee, don’t hesitate to ask for a bag.

Our Park crews will be at the following City Parks on Sunday, April 9, 2023:

· Aztlan Park (1st and Ave K)

· Guadalupe Park (2nd and Ave P)

· Mackenzie Park (301 I-27)

· Mae Simmons (E 23rd and Oak)

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