City Shares Friendly Reminder Regarding Nuisance Weed Ordinance

While the recent beneficial rains really greened up our yards, they’ve also boosted weed growth. The City of Lubbock wants to remind citizens that weeds around your property aren’t just unsightly, they can also be a codes violation.

The more you know:

  • Uncultivated vegetation over eight inches high is a violation of the nuisance weed ordinance.
  • Property owners have to mow from the front curb of their property to the middle of their alley.
  • The Codes Department sends out notices of violation to property owners listed on the tax records.
  • Property owners have seven days to mow their property after being cited.
  • If a property owner doesn’t mow their property, the Codes Department uses private contractors to mow those properties.
  • If the Codes Department mows a property, the property owner will be charged for the cost of the mowing plus a $200 administration charge.
  • If that charge goes unpaid, the property owner will have a lien placed on the property.

To report an unkempt yard, citizens can call 311 or 806-775-3000 to reach the Code Enforcement Department, or use the MyLBK App. The City also has a ‘Weeds Hotline’ (806-775-2290) where citizens can simply share an address that needs to be checked out.

For more details on the nuisance weed ordinance and other code enforcement information, visit

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