Construction Has Begun for Lubbock’s Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is opening up in Lubbock this year! On May 1, the establishment will open up at 2620 West Loop 289. The company is now looking to hire 175 job positions. Such positions include servers, bartenders, hosts, line cooks, and so on. For those interested in working for Dave & Buster’s, one can apply here.

Dave & Buster’s is based in Dallas. Here, one can eat at the restaurant, drink, watch sports, and game all in one place; it will be the new place for fun and entertainment!

With Dave & Buster’s undergoing construction, the company has also bought Lubbock’s current entertainment company, Main Event. Both strive to provide fun and entertainment to the public, but Main Event does so more towards children while Dave & Buster’s is targeted towards young adults. Both institutions will operate individually, but both will be sufficient sources for a wide range of customers.

Keep a lookout for this new place of fun, and save some room this summer for the all new Dave & Buster’s!

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