Health Alert: Increase in Respiratory Illness in Lubbock County

The City of Lubbock Public Health Department is reporting higher than usual levels of activity of circulating respiratory viruses. The level of flu-like illness is classified as “very high” in Texas and providers are seeing an increase in respiratory illness caused by multiple viruses.

Currently, there is a surge and co-circulation of respiratory viruses other than COVID-19.  Tracking systems are reporting levels of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), flu and cold viruses that are higher than usual for this time of year.  Co-circulation of RSV, flu, COVID-19 and others could place a stress on healthcare systems.  Healthcare systems are experiencing higher than normal admissions for respiratory illnesses.  As RSV and flu have increased, COVID-19 levels have remained stable but the activity is expected to increase during the winter months.

The City of Lubbock Public Health Department urges the community to stay safe as the holiday season approaches.  “The measures that have been in place to help protect us from COVID can continue to help us during this flu season, including staying home if you’re sick and getting vaccinated,” says Katherine Wells, director of public health.  “We want our community to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday while minimizing the spread of flu, RSV, and other respiratory illness”.

Flu and COVID vaccines are available at the Public Health Department.  Call 806-775-2933 for more information.

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