KPOT Establishment at Old Furr’s Location

What used to be known as Furr’s will now become a Korean barbeque and Hot Pot eatery. KPOT is coming to Lubbock and will be established off of Slide at the old Furr’s location.

At KPOT, one can expect to dine-in to a plethora amount of seafood, meats, and vegetables, such as Swai fish, jumbo shrimp, sliced lamb, sliced pork, fried tofu, seaweed knots, sliced pumpkins, and more. They also have a bar where one can enjoy a drink with their meal.

KPOT was inspired by four friends who came together from four different backgrounds with different cuisine styles. With this, KPOT is considered a unique hands-on experience allowing one to enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal.

For more information on KPOT’s location, visit here. To see KPOT’s full menu, visit here and their Facebook page here.

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