Kung Fu Tea Coming to Lubbock

Kung Fu Tea is opening up soon in Lubbock! Kung Fu Tea is originally from Queens, New York; it’s considered America’s largest bubble tea brand.

At Kung Fu Tea, one can enjoy milk teas, with milks such as coconut and winter melon milk, green teas, punches, slushies, lemonades and beverages with milk caps, a thick layer of Kung Fu Tea’s salty milk cap.

Kung Fu Tea serves products that are considered vegan and gluten free, and also features seasonal items such as the Pumpkin Oolong Milk Tea and the Yogurt Peach Lemonade.

The opening date of Kung Fu Tea is unknown at the moment, but the drink stop will open up at 5815 82nd street in unit 150.

For more check out Kung Fu Tea’s website here and their Facebook page here.

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