Lady Raiders advance in NCAA Tournament

LOS ANGELES – The No. 25 Texas Tech Lady Raiders are moving on in the NCAA Tournament after picking up a 4-1 victory in the first round against the No. 57 Denver Pioneers on Friday afternoon at the Los Angeles Tennis Center. This victory gives Head Coach Adam Herendeen his first NCAA win at the helm of Texas Tech.


The Lady Raiders (19-8) were once again victorious in doubles, taking their 21st doubles point over Denver (17-6). At court three, Andreea Lila and Jermine Sherif made quick work over their opponents, Claudia Martinez de Velasco and Alice Otis, winning the match by a decisive, 6-2 score.


It would be the No. 5 duo of Metka Komac and Avelina Sayfetdinova to clinch the point for Tech. They were able to defeat Andrea Burgette Beltran and Britt Pursell at the top court to reach 20 dual wins on the year. Tech broke serve to lead 4-3, then only gave up one more game for the 6-4 victory. At court two, Cristina Tiglea and Mariya Polishchuk were leading the pair of Caroline Driscoll and Louise Wikander, 5-2, when their match went unfinished.


In singles, Tech got its first victory from Yekaterina Dmitrichenko at court three after she beat Driscoll. In set one, the Lady Raider was dominant all the way through, taking a 4-1 lead on a break, then winning it, 6-2. In the second set, Dmitrichenko held a 4-0 advantage then won two of the next three games for a 6-1 win.


At court two, Sayfetdinova was on fire as she gave Tech a 3-0 lead thanks to her win over Pursell. The Lady Raiders only gave up four total games en route to the victory, 6-2, 6-2. The Pioneers fought back, grabbing a point at court five to make it 3-1.


But, the Lady Raiders closed it out as Sherif clinched the match at court six over Velasco. Sherif took a 4-2 lead after breaking serve, but the Pioneer battled back to make it 5-4. The Lady Raider would then hold on for a 6-4 first set. Sherif went ahead 3-0 in the following set until Velasco won two-straight games. A break and hold for Sherif ensued for a 5-2 lead before Velasco won another game. However, the Lady Raider served out the match with a 6-3 set to clinch it.


Up next, the Lady Raiders face host team and No. 8-ranked UCLA on Saturday, May 4 at 2 PM CT.



#25 Texas Tech 4, #57 Denver 1


1. #55 Cristina Tiglea (TTU) vs. A. Burguete Beltran (DEN) 6-4, 2-2, unfinished

2. Avelina Sayfetdinova (TTU) def. Britt Pursell (DEN) 6-2, 6-2

3. Yekaterina Dmitrichenko (TTU) def. Caroline Driscoll (DEN) 6-2, 6-1

4. Metka Komac (TTU) vs. Louise Wikander (DEN) 6-1, 5-6, unfinished

5. Alice Otis (DEN) def. Andreea Lila (TTU) 6-2, 6-4

6. Jermine Sherif (TTU) def. Martinez de Velasco (DEN) 6-4, 6-3



1. #5 Metka Komac/Avelina Sayfetdinova (TTU) def. A. Burguete Beltran/Britt Pursell (DEN) 6-4

2. Mariya Polishchuk/Cristina Tiglea (TTU) vs. Caroline Driscoll/Louise Wikander (DEN) 5-2, unfinished

3. Andreea Lila/Jermine Sherif (TTU) def. Martinez de Velasco/Alice Otis (DEN) 6-2


Order of finish: Doubles (3, 1); Singles (3, 2, 5, 6)



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