Lubbock Fire Rescue & Local Tesla Dealership Collaborate for Hands-On Training on Electric Vehicle Safety

Lubbock Fire Rescue is excited to share its recent and ongoing collaboration with its local Tesla dealership and service center for hands-on training for our suppression staff. The training focused on construction, safeguards, and potential hazards association with electric vehicles, more specifically regarding fire extinguishment & extrication. Suppression staff had the opportunity to learn directly from Tesla experts, ensuring they are well-prepared to address the unique challenges posed by electric vehicles.

With an increase of electric vehicles on the roadways, Lubbock Fire Rescue recognizes the importance of staying ahead and aware of new technology. As such, Lubbock Fire Rescue has since increased its response model for incidents involving electric vehicles to better protect the citizens of Lubbock & first responders.

Lubbock Fire Rescue stands committed to being a department focused on enhancing and bettering our readiness and response capabilities for our community.


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