Lubbock Music NOW 2022 Album Unveiled

Lubbock music is as diverse as the people of the South Plains. From country to hip hop, rock to Cumbia, the 2022 “Lubbock Music NOW” album features some of the best musicians and songwriters the Lubbock area has to offer. The 2022 album is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and dozens of other
streaming services. The hard copy of the CD is available for purchase through Select-a-Seat Lubbock (

For long-time musician and music producer Don Caldwell, the Lubbock Sound is on full display on the 2022 “Lubbock Music NOW” album. A nationally known music producer and performer, Caldwell has worked and played with such musicians as Joe Ely, Terry Allen and the Maines Brothers.

“There is something indescribable about the energy that is embodied in the music that comes out of West Texas,” he said. “I think it has to do with the environment and the influences around us that our musicians have a particular energy you don’t find other places.”

Musician and songwriter Dustin Garrett agrees with Caldwell: “The Lubbock Sound is created by a diverse group of people who are living the dream and going for it. There are so many different genres of music here. One thing I always say about Lubbock is that this is the place to hone your craft before taking it out to the world. It’s a place to gain respect for what you do.”

The Lubbock Sound is personified in the music of the late Mike Pritchard, the first artist to be honored posthumously on a “Lubbock Music NOW” album. Pritchard died last year at 69.

“Mike Pritchard delighted audiences in Lubbock for decades,” said Caldwell. “He was iconic on the local music scene. He did original music and cover music; he had different types of bands, from one with a big horn section to a small blues band. He was a gift to Lubbock music.”

All songs on the album are original and professionally produced. Songwriters who do not themselves perform submit entries by asking a performer to record the song. Musicians and songwriters that live within a 100-mile radius of Lubbock and have played two paying gigs in Lubbock within the last two years are eligible to submit one song for consideration. Each artist selected may opt-in for inclusion on the Lubbock Airport’s Live Music roster and/or perform on the Fox34 “Lubbock Music NOW” TV special. Each artist receives a $200 cash prize.

The final selections for the album are made by a panel of past and current members of the Texas Branch of the Recording Academy (Texas Grammy Board). Judges do not know the names of the performers or songwriters.

Caldwell said the response from the Grammy Board judges is overwhelming. “They are just amazed at how much talent comes out of Lubbock.”

Garrett has been included on several of the LMN albums, and he calls the album a bit of a time capsule of what is happening in Lubbock music each year. “Lubbock has such a large pool of talented and creative people,” he said. “The album shows that there is more than just country music here. You can hear every possible genre played here.”

The artists/songwriters selected for the 2022 album and the title of the songs are:

Alicia Morgan – “Fade”

Jake Pyeatt – “Wherever You Go”

Dustin Garrett – “If I Lose My Voice”

Brandon Bartee – “Right Where You Want Me”

Janette B – “Great Defender”

Gunner Fore & the Interstate – “Hope”

Richard Bowles – “Teach Me How to Cry”

Cary C. Banks – “Don’t Look Back”

Spur 327 Band – “West Texas Roots”

Wade Parks – “Go Fight Fall”

Ron Riley – “Hold Your Mouth Right”

Jason Nutt & Highway 70 – “Until The Next Time”

El No Pos Wow – “Sonia La Cumbiandera”

Bryson Dunn – “Feels Like Home Again”

Kameryn Stanaland – “Brighter Skies”

Jonny Keys – “Yes Sir”

Chris Bone Garza – “Hustle N My Bloodline”

Mike Pritchard – “Don’t Leave Her Crying in The Night”

The cover art for the 2022 Lubbock Music NOW CD was designed by Dirk Fowler, an associate professor in the School of Art at Texas Tech University. He is a world-renowned graphic designer and a founding father of the offset rock poster revival. His letterpress concert posters are collector’s items.

Sponsors for the Lubbock Music NOW 2022 project are Orlando’s, Caprock Café, Sysco West Texas, City Bank, South Plains College, Loyd & Karen Turner, Tarpley Music, Jim Douglass, Sammie Prather and an anonymous donation in memory of Mike Pritchard.

Civic Lubbock, Inc. developed the Lubbock Music NOW project in 2016 to honor and recognize musicians living and working in the Lubbock area. Civic Lubbock, Inc. is a non-profit organization created in 1956 to foster and promote arts and entertainment in Lubbock.

CONTACT: Vicki Key, Civic Lubbock, Inc. Liaison at (806) 775-2267 or email [email protected].

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