Lubbock Public Health Encourages Citizens to take Survey to Better Identify Community Health Priorites

Lubbock Public Health is conducting a community-wide survey to identify areas of priority and ask about ideas of what Lubbock needs most to improve the health of the county.

The survey is available online at

The survey will explore a wide range of issues including access to care, insurance and affordability, sexual health, mental health, addiction, and other facets of overall health that are important to families and individuals, and that may be specific to Lubbock County and the surrounding area.

The results will help to provide an overarching snapshot of the state of public health in the South Plains region and to inform the Department’s task of creating a Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan.

“Public engagement is a critical step as we assess the health needs of our community,” said Katherine Wells, Director of Public Health for the City of Lubbock. “We encourage all to take a few minutes to complete the survey.”

The Public Health Department encourages all to take this survey before the May 6, 2024 deadline.

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