Mayor’s Water Conservation Challenge

The City of Lubbock Water Utilities is pleased to announce that April is the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, hosted by the Wyland Foundation. Mayor Tray Payne is joining other mayors across the nation in asking residents to pledge to conserve water. To date, those who have pledged from previous challenges have committed to save over a billion gallons of water, and Mayor Payne is asking for your participation in this year’s event held April 1 – 30.

“As a leader and public servant committed to protecting Lubbock’s water sources, I support the mission of the Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. Wyland Foundation’s annual water conservation challenge encourages everyone to think about the importance of water. We all have a part in protecting and conserving this precious resource. I encourage all of Lubbock’s residents to join the pledge with me. Each pledge makes a difference in ensuring our water continues to be safe and reliable for future generations,” said Mayor Payne.

The water conservation challenge is a friendly competition between cities across the nation to see who is the most water wise. Participants in the winning cities are eligible to receive prizes.  There will be one winning city from each population category and the opportunity to nominate local nonprofits to receive rewards from the Wyland Foundation. To learn more about the challenge and to take the pledge, visit

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