With Note After Matt Wells Firing – Now It’s Personal

“It was based on a pattern of inconsistency.”

“This decision was made based on a three year pattern. A three year pattern of inconsistency. We didn’t come here to win 5, 6, 5 games for our football season to end in November. But there was a pattern of inconsistency that led us to this decision at this time. We saw progress at times and we talked about that. We saw progress but we also saw lapses of progress in key critical areas that in the game of football are critical to have the level of success that we all want to have.”

“… we aspire each and every day to be elite in everything that we do. And we will find the right individual to come in and provide the leadership to get this football program to a higher level…

“…many of our programs are experiencing elite success.”

“We will be elite in football again. I guarantee you we will be elite in football again. This program has been there before and we’ll get there again. We will bring back our edge. The spirit that’s lived right here in Jones AT&T Stadium before… it’s still there. You can hear it at times. It just needs to be rekindled. And we will light it.”

– Kirby Hocutt after firing Kliff Kingsbury

I only have one question for you Kirby.


Now it’s personal.

EDIT: I guess the answer to my question was today.


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