One of the things that drive all men crazy is the honey-do list. My wife is traditionally good about knowing when is a good time and a bad time to drop one of those in my lap.

Yesterday, she decided that all the Easter boxes needed to head up to the garage and potentially the attic.

One problem… I had pulled a muscle bringing down other boxes and couldn’t raise my arms over my head.

What is her solution? Pulling the arms over my head… and watching my eyes nearly pop out like a cartoon character.

“Oh, you’re in pain, I’m sorry. I’ll help you with the boxes.”

We get the boxes into the garage and about to put them into the attic… when she discovered the boxes weren’t where she ‘wanted’ them to be.

“Hmm, I need to get boxes down before I put these up,” and she starts talking to me but I pretty much zoned out.

I disappeared into my home office and got a shot of whiskey, which turned into two as I watched some sports and suddenly my neck and arms felt better.

“Where did you go” she cried as I ran back to the garage and started to move the boxes where I knew they would end up?

“I had to go get an aspirin and stretch,” I told her.

“You know what, when we finish this, let’s go to the store and get you a heating pad for your neck and I’ll pour you some of that 15 year old scotch. You’ve worked hard tonight and you deserve it.”

Sometimes wives can be a pain in the, well you know, but today, my wife earned a gold star.

Until she decides to bring down all the Memorial Day boxes.

Can you need a vacation from a vacation?


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