Ten DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner! If you are all out of ideas for what or who to go as for the night, fear not! Below is a list of costumes you can make at home for yourself and for your friends or family:

A bowl of cereal:

This one is fun for all the cereal lovers. Simply locate a plain, white t-shirt, a basket (i.e., a laundry basket), some colorful felt or material to make the kind of cereal of your choosing, and a spoon.

Once you have your main pieces, place yourself within the basket while wearing the white shirt, and glue on cut outs of your favorite cereal onto yourself. Carry around a spoon for effect!

A gumball machine:

You are sure to look poppin’ in this Halloween costume. Locate a plain, black t-shirt, some colorful cotton balls, a red skirt or red pants, some grey felt or paper, and a black felt marker or Sharpie.

First, glue on the colorful cotton balls onto the shirt to form the gumballs within the machine. Next, write onto the felt using the felt marker, or the paper using the Sharpie, “25 cents”. Then, glue or tape the felt or paper onto the red skirt or pants, and ta da! You are a gumball machine!

A bag of Jelly Beans:

This one is sure to stand out! What you need is a clear plastic trash bag, water balloons, a plain, white shirt, and a red ribbon.

To start, cut holes into the trash bag for the bag to fit over you and tie around your neck. Once you have the t-shirt and trash bag on, air up the water balloons with only air, and tie the balloons and place them within the bag while on you. When you have the amount of jelly beans you want in your bag, tie the bag with the ribbon around your neck.


Match with your friends or family with this tasty treat! All you need is a plain, colored t-shirt, depending on the color of M&M you want to go as, and some white felt.

Once you have the t-shirt of your color on, cut out an “m” from the white felt and glue on to your shirt.


Have you found Waldo? You can make a game out of your Halloween when you where a red and white striped shirt, a red and white beanie, and some black, circular glasses.


Solve the mystery this Halloween with your friends or family! Really you can go as any character, but specifically, you can go as Velma from Scooby Doo.

All you need is an orange sweater, some glasses, a red skirt, orange, knee high socks, red or black slip on shoes, and a brown, short haired wig if you want to change your hair. Don’t forget to add a magnifying glass!

Harry Potter:

Dress up and cast spells while dressed up as Harry Potter! Locate a black gown, a red and yellow tie, some black, circular glasses, a stick or wand, a white collared shirt, and some black pants.

Winnie the Pooh:

If you grew up with Winnie the Pooh, this one is sure to bring back memories!

Locate a red shirt, a yellow skirt or some yellow pants, and yellow ears, or yellow felt to cut out and place onto a headband. You can also carry around a jar with the label “Honey” on it to add a little something extra!

If you are making the ears, cut out two half circles from the yellow felt and glue onto a headband that fits. Place on the ears while wearing the red shirt and yellow skirt or pants, and walk around with the jar of honey!

Brawny paper towels guy:

This one is for all the laughs, you can dress up as the guy on the Brawny paper towels wrapper!

All you need is black and red checkered long sleeve button down shirt, and a roll of Brawny paper towels with the wrapper still on the roll for effect.

Bob Ross:

Show off your painting skills as Bob Ross this year!

Locate a plain, blue button up shirt, jeans, a brown afro wig, a fake brown beard, unless you already have a beard, a pallet of pain and a paint brush.

Don’t forget to include the mustache!

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