What could be the best way for college basketball to return in the fall of whenever?? What would be the idea that could excite everyone again?

I demand a 24 hours of college basketball to kick off the 20XX-XX season.

Games in Hawaii, Japan, Middle East, Italy, Germany, London, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Lubbock and L.A.

Call it the #KOBE24.

Who’s in? (Lubbock game would be rematch of Texas Tech vs. Virginia 2019 National Championship game.)

Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network…

We’re waiting.

Ok, people have been asking for games they would want to see in this exhibition:

So I asked my Rockin’ 25 poll colleagues… they were all going crazy in quarantine.

Exhibition matchups:

Hawaii : Kansas vs North Carolina
Japan : Oregon vs Gonzaga
Middle East : Wisconsin vs Pitt
Italy : Florida vs Villanova
Germany : Dayton vs LSU
LondonNotre Dame vs Florida State
New York : Seton Hall vs UCLA
Ann Arbor : Michigan vs Kentucky
Dallas : Texas vs Texas A&M
Lubbock : Virginia vs Texas Tech
L.A. San Diego State vs Maryland

I’m willing to talk about changing up the match ups… hit me up on twitter @seanadillon

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