It’s one of my favorite scenes from Top Gun. Maverick played by Tom Cruise asking the tower for a fly by.

I’ve been in Lubbock since 1992 and one of the things I miss most about not having Reese Air Force Base here was the loss of the Reese Air Show.

You could go and see some of the best airplanes and fly-bys from all sorts of groups.

Blue Angels + Thunderbirds were always a fan fave no matter which air show you could catch them at.

But what if you could see them together?


Speculation is building that there might be joint fly overs around the country.


Speculation is growing that the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels may be planning a nation-wide set of flyovers to salute healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers who are helping to battle the coronavirus across America.

On Sunday, an extensive list of cities across the country was posted to social media with claims that it was a schedule for a number of flyovers to be conducted between April 23rd and May 2nd. The supposed plan would see the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels join forces for a mass flyover of East Coast cities like New York City and Washington, DC before splitting up to cover different sections of the country. The Thunderbirds would take the Western US while the Blue Angels cover the Midwest. They would again meet in Texas for a day of joint flyovers to close the program.

This all seemed pretty far-fetched. A nation-wide campaign like this would take immense planning and resources, and would certainly require some travel in a time when travel is to be minimized.

However, evidence is growing that the list of flyovers may in fact be a real plan.

Let me have a moment!

I’m begging for Lubbock International’s Tower to “allow” the flyover and for the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds to fly by!

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