Turning Off Irrigation During Rain Events

Now is the perfect time to turn off your irrigation system; nature has provided the 1.5 inches of rain this week that lawns need to thrive during Spring & Summer. Irrigating or watering your lawn after it has already received 1.5 inches of rainfall will lead to runoff, water waste, and damage to roots from overwatering.  Some ideas to consider:

Rain Sensors

  • Install a rain sensor that will automatically turn off the irrigation system when it detects a significant amount of rainfall.
  • Check the disk inside the rain sensor every spring and clean it out if it contains dirt or other debris to ensure your rain sensor is working properly.

Measuring Rain

  • Use a gauge to measure how much rain your lawn has received, if the gauge collects 1.5 inches of water or more, turn off your irrigation system to prevent overwatering.
  • Contact [email protected] to get a free gauge kit for your lawn.


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