When moving from our old house to our new one Joanna found collections of beanie babies, baseball, and Pokemon cards. For the record, Joanna had the beanie babies, I had the baseball cards and the Pokemon cards was from my son.

Funny to find out that Pokemon cards actually came back in style.

Do you still have any of your collections? I also have an assortment of shot glasses from around the country that people would send me as a gift.

My prized possession is an old Depot District Beer Garden glass mug. One of the things I really missed from when I got here in 1992 was the old Depot District Restaurant. I had dinner with the Nixons when they were playing the Depot Warehouse.

What are the things you collect? Are they worth anything? What are you planning to do with them? The one thing I want to know is what are kids collecting today other than gray hairs for their parents?

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