Why you need try this ‘Hidden Gem’ golf course this spring

Written by Stratton Sims
Alpha Media Intern

When you think of a “hidden gem” type of golf course, you may think of a golf course tucked away in the woods with the plushest fairways and greens that feel like the world’s softest carpet. What if I told you there was a hidden gem golf course not just over an hour away from Lubbock, Texas, a home to many high end golf courses such as The Rawls Course, Lubbock Country Club and the upcoming course, Redfeather Country Club.
Gaines County Golf Course located within the Gaines County Park, can be found in-between Seagraves and Seminole on Highway 385 on the West side of the highway, and ranges around a
7-8 minute drive from each town, according to the courses website. The course has been a long standing attraction within the community of west Texas, attracting golfers of all levels to the exciting track ever since its opening in 1958, where it began as a 9- hole course only.

‘Gaines’ would grow the 9-hole course later in 1991, where the installment of a back nine would come into play, providing additional challenges to the players who take on the course as they
find themselves on lengthier holes as they take the turn. In 1963, the course hosted two legendary golfers known for their influence and character throughout the PGA Tour, as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer would both play the 9-hole track at the time.

What makes Gaines County a hidden gem amongst golf courses found in west Texas comes from the environment surrounding the course and the commodity that can be found while on foot of
the historical layout. A glimpse of what feels like Augusta National’s ‘Magnolia Lane’ looms upon your arrival as you make a small drive back to the course’s clubhouse, winding and weaving through mesquite trees,
all while catching small glimpses of the course that awaits your playing. A small clubhouse accompanied by friendly dogs and people can be found after the ‘never-
ending’ drive up. Inside, the nicest staff can be found while they will also offer any history or accommodations players might be curious about in regards to the course.

While also on the grounds of Gaines County Golf Course, you will quickly get a feel for the environment surrounding the course, as the famed attraction holds various sheds for players to store their golf carts, allowing for play at any time within the course operating hours. The course itself might be what gives Gaines County the reputation it currently holds. From fast and firm fairways to the breath-taking greens that leave players in awe for the fantastic
condition they are found in, the course also incorporates the natural west Texas scenery throughout the course, giving it a defining presence of a home away from home.

Day in and day out, Gaines County Golf Course and the employees upon the grounds continue to take necessary actions in order to keep the track in the jaw-dropping shape, especially for the
course to be found “out in the middle of nowhere.” There is not another golf course within a 200 mile stretch of Gaines County Golf Course that can live up to the standards like this “diamond and the rough” has for over 60 years.

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