World’s Top Eaters To Compete At Egg Roll Eating Championship
Egg rolls or spring rolls fried.Traditional Chinese Thai restaurant appetizer, spring rolls or egg rolls. Made from wonton wrappers and filled with Chinese veggies and served w/ chili dipping sauce.

The number-two-ranked competitive eater in the world, Geoffrey Esper, and the number-one-ranked female competitive eater in the world, Miki Sudo, will face off at the inaugural Outlaw Egg Rolls’ World Egg Roll Eating Championship on Sunday, June 11, at 1:00 P.M.

Eaters will have eight minutes to eat as many Outlaw Egg Rolls as possible in the newest addition to Major League Eating’s 2022 slate of sanctioned competitions. The stakes are high with a first-ever egg roll title and $4,000 in cash prizes on the line.

“Outlaw Egg Rolls is where Texas meets Asia,” said Major League Eating host Sam Barclay. “Major League Eating’s fiercest competitors will bring their A-game as they seek to set a new world record that will stand the test of time.”

Other participating Major League Eating athletes from around the nation will include number-six-ranked Nick Wehry, number-two-ranked female Michelle Lesco, number-23-ranked Derek Hendrickson, number-33-ranked Sophia DeVita, and more.

The contest is part of an all-day event, which will feature a juried vendor setup as well as a farmer’s market.

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