From Darkness to Light: The Inspiration Behind ‘The Keeper’

Army veteran George Eshleman takes a Beyond the Mic Short Cut. George shares his inspiring journey that led to the creation of the movie “The Keeper.” Discover how hiking the Appalachian Trail with 363 name tapes of military members who committed suicide changed his life. If you know a veteran who needs help, please listen. Tune in for an emotional and powerful conversation ahead of the film’s Memorial Day release. It’s the Keeper of the Names, George Eshleman on the next Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon.

This Memorial Day weekend, don’t miss this Beyond the Mic Short Cut featuring George Eshleman. George is an Army vet who took on the Appalachian Trail. He found it to be more than just a physical challenge but an emotional one. His story is one of strength, friendship, and the importance of mental health.

Back in 2016, George started his hike with 363 name tapes of military members who had taken their own lives. He wasn’t planning to finish the trail. He was actually looking for a place to end his own life. But those names gave him strength, turning his journey into one of healing and self-discovery. “The names saved me,” George says, reflecting on the impact of those memories.

George opens up about the dark times he faced and the light that guided him through. The support from fellow hikers and even strangers helped him realize he wasn’t alone. “I found it easier to reach out to others,” George shares. There’s always hope and help available, even in the darkest moments.

George’s incredible journey is now a movie called “The Keeper,” coming out Memorial Day Weekend. The film shows the emotional ups and downs of his hike, giving viewers a real look at the struggles many vets face. George hopes everyone watches the movie, saying, “It could save their life. They’ll see someone who risked everything.”

Besides his hiking story, George also shares some great advice for vets struggling with mental health. He stresses the importance of reaching out and not trying to handle everything alone. “Don’t hide it like I did. It’s going to get you,” George emphasizes.

This episode isn’t just for veterans. It’s for anyone who’s dealt with or has family or friends with mental health issues. It’s more than a movie, his story is a beacon of hope. With the right support, anyone can overcome the darkest times.

Tune in to hear George Eshleman’s incredible story. Whether you’re a vet, a supporter, or just someone looking for some inspiration. His story is your daily reminder that no one walks the trail alone. Let’s go Beyond the Mic.

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