LFR Holds Rating to Remain in Top 1% of Fire Departments In The Nation

Lubbock Fire Rescue has completed its 5-year field survey by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and has retained its ISO Class 1 Rating. This rating marks Lubbock Fire Rescue in the top 1.3 percentile of fire departments in the United States & top 3.35 percentile of fire departments in the State of Texas.

The Insurance Service Office (ISO) completes a survey every 5 years that includes a comprehensive and in-depth review of an emergency response from Lubbock Fire Rescue. This includes:

  • Emergency Communications (911)
  • Fire Department Operations
  • Water Supply Infrastructure

Upon completion of its field survey, ISO will rate the department based on all of these factors and generate a class rating from 1 to 10. 1 representing an exemplary fire suppression program.

Interim Fire Chief Rob Keinast expresses his gratitude to the department and the community for their unwavering support. “Maintaining our ISO Class 1 rating is a major accomplishment. Lubbock Fire Rescue mand the City of Lubbock Water Department have worked diligently to achieve and maintain this rating. Achieving the Class 1 rating is a testament to the past and current City Councils, City of Lubbock Administration, and the citizens of Lubbock for their support of public safety, Lubbock Fire Rescue, and Public Works infrastructure projects.”

City Manager Jarrett Atkinson made the following statement:
“Achieving and maintaining the ISO Class 1 rating affirms the dedication to our community by the members of Lubbock Fire Rescue. The City remains committed to continuous improvement throughout our infrastructure system and through LFR’s efforts to be the absolute best Fire Department possible. This rating is a testament to the commitment the men and women of LFR have for public safety, and how they work every day to make our community better and keep our citizens safe. All of Lubbock benefits from this rating.”


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