Lubbock Matadors SC are Pushing for the Playoffs at Plains Capital Park Sponsored by Live Oak Animal Hospital
soccer football action in the stadium

Lubbock Matadors SC will be hosting multiple events on game day as they get ready for their 5th home game on Saturday, June 25th against Irving after a 4-0 victory over Temple on Wednesday. Winning this game keeps the Matador’s in the playoff hunt.

● June 25th: 4:30 pm Police VS Fire Rescue 60 minute friendly match to take place before Matador’s game. The two departments have agreed to compete in a friendly against one
another in support of the Matador’s and to show how soccer can bring people from all aspects of our community together.

● June 25th: 5:00 pm Block Party Tailgate Express is hosting the 2022 Season 70th street Block Party outside Lowrey Field. There will be food trucks, live music, TwoDocs truck & beer, along
with games for kids. Tents will be provided for shade and social networking.

● June 25th: 7:30 pm Live Oak Animal Hospital Night Irving vs. Lubbock Matadors. The fifth, and second to last, home game of the Lubbock Matadors in the NPSL at Lowrey Field. Live Oak will be giving out Co-Branded Matador Puppy Jersey’s for the first 120 fans who bring a picture of their dog! Duluth Trading Co. will pass out vouchers for their well known underwear to the first 200
fans that come to their table. Signature Stag will be selling their co-branded Matador Polo’s. Merch tables will be set up to purchase limited edition Lubbock Matador’s gear.

● June 25th: 9:30 pm Interviews with coach and GM in the home locker room for media

● June 25th: 10:00 pm After Party will be hosted at Buffalo Wild Wings on 82nd and University to
meet coach (Paul Gilbert) and GM (Dustin McCorkle) to celebrate Thursday night’s game.

If you would like to RSVP for credentials please email Trevor ([email protected]), with the number of people that will be attending with you, and credential information will be available after the media availability on Thursday.

About Lubbock Matadors Soccer Club:
The Lubbock Matadors are bringing the world’s game to the Hub City with an NPSL team to play in 2022. Led by a dynamic ownership group, the Matadors are on a mission: To build a soccer club that the South Plains will be proud of; support Lubbock area businesses through partnerships & sponsorships; providing opportunities for Texas Tech and Lubbock Christian students to gain real world experience in sports management ; for local players to pursue their dreams and teaching future generations.

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