He played piano & arranged music for a Canadian swing band, has a degree in finance and is heading back to Woodstock in the Light VW. Time for John Wesley Chisholm to go Beyond the Mic.

Mid-August marks the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, and to celebrate the milestone, a new film The Woodstock Bus attempts to find the lost psychedelic Volkswagen van that became a global symbol, not only for the Woodstock event, but the entire generation’s quest for peace and love.  The bus may be the most valuable American automotive art ever.  The only problem?  No one can remember where it is!

Filmmaker and star John Wesley Chisholm journeys across America’s highways, backroads and junkyards to find the symbol of a lost generation, restore and repaint it, and bring it back to Woodstock where it belongs.

I’ve had great interview opportunities over my 25+ year radio history that never made it to air. Some were due to length others were because of topic.

I decided to flip the table on the rules. Any topic / guest is welcome, but you need to tell a story & must go “Beyond the Mic.”

It’s another episode of Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon.


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