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Billy Madison

Who are we?

Billy Madison (Host)- Billy is a man from humble beginnings. Raised by his Grandmother in a Catholic Community just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the undisputed Captain of The BMS and a champion of women’s rights, That’s where the Grandmother influence comes in. Guy’s find him funny, Girls find him attractive. Billy spends the majority of his day prepping for the next show, In between working out and shopping.

Derek (Co-Host)- Derek is the least shy member of the BMS. He talks about his love of Marijuana as well as the number of guys his Mom has probably had sex with. He’s a degenerate gambler as well as a horrible money manager. People often feel better about themselves after Derek speaks.

Jared (Executive Producer) – Jared is the member of the team Often running at 100 miles an hour.  He’s the one making sure the BMS is running smoothly for Billy and Derek. Though he sounds like Mickey Mouse the things he says are anything but Disney friendly. Jared has found is spot as being the guy that makes people double take and say “that was weird”.

John (Dummy)- John is easy to figure out he loves his mom, breakfast, naps, his flashlight, and annoying Billy and Derek. We’re pretty sure John has stolen money from everyone on the show. Easily hated, yet never duplicated, John can’t wait to share a dumb story with you.

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