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Story time: Every one of my brothers and sisters in my moms bedroom has a photo of their college graduation. For the longest time, I didn’t have one. Mine was a picture of when I graduated from high school back in the late 80’s. I left college 19 hours short of having a degree. I didn’t need one in my career, so I didn’t try Mom & Dad had always pushed me to finish, so 7 years ago I secretly took out a loan and went back to school. I worked 60 hours a week and then locked myself in my office 20 hours doing night school via #TexasTech ‘s online program. Before I left school I struggled and had a 1.95 GPA. It wasn’t important to me, so I didn’t give it the attention it needed. 1 full year of busting my ass, summer school, night school… I did it. My GPA during those 80 hour weeks? 4.0 So I flew my son and daughter to Texas. I had my wonderful daughter Shelby, draw me this photo. We put it in a frame and I called for a family meeting. One of the most sacred and rare things was a called family meeting. It was for the big announcements in life… and everyone was required to be there. My sister thought we were going to announce a baby and told everyone that was the big announcement. So because Joanna and I love a great joke we put blue and pink cray paper in the bag with Shelby’s framed photo and invitations to graduation. My sister was telling everyone it was a baby, mom and dad had enough grandkids, but mom shushed her up. Earlier the previous evening, mom had bemoaned that I hadn’t graduated and one day, “when it meant enough,” I would go back to school. The next morning at breakfast at the family meeting Shelby handed mom & dad the bag and we told her to open it. Pink and blue cray paper went everywhere and she finally unwrapped the frame and took a look at it. My sister tried to peak over asking what did the sonogram say? Mom was confused and asked me what this was. “What does it look like mom?” Tears started to roll down her eyes as she voice choked and she uttered, “you’re graduating?” We then handed out invitations to graduation. This drawing, which my mom still has, is one of the cherished things of my life. #Perspective

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