Exploring ‘Ghost Town Living’ with Brent Underwood

Author, entrepreneur, and Cerro Gordo Mines owner, Brent Underwood takes a Beyond the Mic Short Cut. Explore the adventure-filled world of “Ghost Town Living” as Brent shares tales of life above Death Valley, with no running water, seven cats, six goats, and maybe a ghost or two. Discover the heart and soul behind Brent’s journey, from risking $1.4 million on a ghost town to finding camaraderie and community in unexpected places. Uncover the inspiration behind his passion for history and rebuilding Cerro Gordo. Brent Underwood reveals the essence of living life to the fullest and invites you to explore ‘Ghost Town Living’ in this Beyond the Mic Short Cut.

Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon is the conversation series where actors, artists, authors, and more go deeper than a traditional interview. They go “Beyond the Mic”.

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