Lubbock Officials and Community to Exchange Ideas on Health

In a far-reaching effort to deliver on its mission to improve and protect the well-being of its community, the City of Lubbock Public Health Department is pleased to announce Lubbock Let’s – a region-wide initiative aimed at gathering and exchanging ideas to promote health, and it begins with a series of community events.

Free and open to the public, these events are designed to bring together health experts, local leaders and members of the community to identify areas of priority, share suggestions and learn from each other.

The results will help to provide an overarching snapshot of the state of public health in the South Plains region and to inform the Department’s task of creating a Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan.

A wide range of issues will be explored, including access to care, insurance and affordability, sexual health, mental health, addiction, and other facets of overall health that are important to families and individuals, and that may be specific to Lubbock County and the surrounding area.

“Public engagement is a critical step as we assess the health needs of our community,” said Katherine Wells, Director of Public Health for the City of Lubbock. “We encourage all to attend.”

The upcoming events include:


Neighborhood Ideas Exchange

Thursday, April 18, 2024

12–2 p.m.

YWCA at Sun ‘n Fun & Fitness Recreation Center

6204 Elgin Ave.

To register, visit


Neighborhood Ideas Exchange

Thursday, April 18, 2024

5–7 p.m.

East Lubbock Art House

405 M.L.K. Jr Blvd., Suite B

To register, visit


Each event will feature panelists offering a range of public health expertise. Attendees will get an overview of the initiative’s goals, a chance to meet the experts, an understanding of best practices gained from other cities, and an opportunity to share ideas. Refreshments will be served.

Partnering with the city to conduct the assessment and improvement plan is Initium Health, a public benefit corporation committed to using innovation to improve human health. Information gathering on behalf of the city will also include an online survey, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews.

“All communities face public health challenges and the good news for Lubbock is that people are actively working to positively promote change and system-wide improvements for all,” said James Corbett, principal, Initium Health.

In addition to attending one of the events, individuals are encouraged to take the online survey at

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