There are many dark days in my life, drinking PBR without pants in Oklahoma during my college years.




I was wearing shorts, sheesh.

But PBR has a place in the dark years in my life. Described as being for the “canna-curious,” Pabst Blue Ribbon has released a new seltzer spiked with THC. It’s a seltzer, which I’m not a fan of and is actually non-alcoholic. However, it has 5 mg of THC per can, along with purified water, lemon concentrate, sugar, and flavoring.

Right now, the drink is being sold in four-packs in cannabis dispensaries and online with available delivery in certain counties.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is not the only alcohol brand branching out with THC. Lagunita’s Brewing Company has released their Hi-Fi Hops seltzer.

It brings to my mind those dark college days of mine and thinking, would I have tried THC seltzer back then?

I really don’t know.


Note: Pabst Blue Ribbon granted the rights to Pabst Labs to create a line of cannabis infused drinks under the Pabst Blue Ribbon name. Pabst Labs is a TOTALLY Separate company from PBR

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