Being an Intern at Alpha Media Lubbock

By: Julissa Garcia / Alpha Media Intern

Interning with Alpha Media Lubbock and helping out on the KLL morning show with Jeff, Mudflap, Colleen, and the Gang has been a phenomenal thing to be a part of. I have learned so much from the 3 short months of my internship. I cannot believe how fast time is flying, I feel like it was just yesterday that I won my very first word of the day.

This internship has taught me how to be funny but serious at the same time. I have grown as a writer because of my weekly articles, and I now write 4 articles a week on various topics. I have also learned how to speak more clearly and with more energy in the mornings. I have gained more confidence in my personality and am not afraid to be myself on air. I have gained so much knowledge about music, the flow of the radio, sports, and love getting to bring my own opinions and experiences to the morning show. I have also learned how to do a voice over for advertisements, and even had the opportunity to record and edit my very first voice over, which was such a cool experience.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity top be an intern with this amazing company that had so many incredible people. From all the laughs, busy mornings, and crazy things I got to be a part of, this internship has not only made me more comfortable talking in front of people but has given me relationships with unforgettable people. I wish I could intern with KLL forever and ever. While I still have about a month till graduation, this internship is slowly coming to an end. I am so thankful for everyone who made this internship possible. Being the intern and enjoying the early mornings with the gang  will always be my favorite place to be a part of.

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