Texas Tech Begins Video Board, Sound System Project

Texas Tech announced Thursday two additional upgrades to Jones AT&T Stadium for the 2024 season as construction began this week on a state-of-the-art sound system and an expanded north end zone video board.

Both projects add to the construction in and around Jones AT&T Stadium as Texas Tech is in the midst of its largest athletic facility investment in its history with the $242 million south end zone and Womble Football Center. The cost of the two projects have been incorporated into the overall south end zone project, which is being funded through philanthropic giving and future revenue generated from premium ticket sales.

Texas Tech has contracted the services of Daktronics for not only its north end zone video board but also the two video displays atop the south end zone building and additional ribbon boards throughout the stadium. The new sound system will be installed by Clair Audio, a national leader in large venue audio production.

“We are pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with Daktronics to further enhance the gameday atmosphere inside Jones AT&T Stadium,” Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt said. “The technology involved with these video displays will allow our gameday production team to further enhance our fan interaction and add to the gameday environment we have created here at Texas Tech.”

Daktronics will expand Texas Tech’s current video board screen on the north side of the stadium to 37.2 feet high by 139.4 feet wide in size, utilizing the same structure that was built in 2013. The south end zone video displays, located in opposite corners of the new structure, will measure 27 feet high by 48 feet wide, featuring similar content zoning abilities that are already a staple of the north end zone video board. These features allow for multiple zones of content, showcasing instant replays, graphics, animations, statistics and game information as well as sponsorship messages.

Texas Tech will also utilize Daktronics to replace each of its three current ribbon boards located directly behind the north goalpost as well as the northwest and northeast corners of the stadium. Daktronics will add multiple ribbon boards to the south end zone structure, one directly above the field level club for a low vantage point and another between the second and third floors that will stretch the entire end zone.

In addition, Daktronics will be responsible for the technology inside the new Double T scoreboard that will be constructed beginning this month. That technology feeds not only the iconic scoreboard with critical game information but also integrates with Texas Tech’s ribbon boards as well as with the television broadcast crew.

The work inside Jones AT&T Stadium follows a similar project for Texas Tech where Daktronics recently installed a new outfield video board at Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park. The new outfield display, measuring 25 feet high by 48 feet wide, was funded through a generous gift from the Barry Street family, who are longtime supporters of Texas Tech Athletics and leaders in the cotton ginning industry in West Texas.

“We can’t thank the Street family for their continued support of our athletics program,” Hocutt said. “Rip Griffin Park is without a doubt one of the best stadiums in the country to take in a college baseball game. That experience will, without question, be enhanced thanks to their longstanding generosity and support of our baseball program.”

Construction of the new video displays and ribbon boards is expected to be completed by late spring. Daktronics is also responsible for the video displays inside the Sports Performance Center and Rocky Johnson Field as well as the ribbon capabilities and table technology at United Supermarkets Arena.

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