Toot’n Totum Launches Community Support Initiative in Wake of Texas Panhandle Wildfires

In response to the recent historic wildfires that have deeply impacted our communities in the Texas Panhandle, Toot’n Totum is proud to announce our “Change for the Better – Panhandle Strong” program, a concerted effort to aid those affected by these devastating events.

Starting today, March 1, 2024, Toot’n Totum invites our Guests to participate in a simple yet powerful act of kindness. As part of your checkout process, you will be prompted to round up your purchase to the nearest whole dollar. The additional amount collected will be donated to the Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund, dedicated to providing immediate and effective assistance to our neighbors and friends in need.

To amplify the impact of your generosity, the Toot’n Totum Team has committed to matching the first $25,000 raised through this Change for the Better program. This means that the initial contributions from our Guests will have double the impact, providing even greater support to the wildfire victims.

Participating in the Change for the Better program is incredibly easy. The roundup feature at our registers is a seamless part of your transaction, requiring no additional effort on your part. With just a simple confirmation, you can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the wildfires.

Toot’n Totum stands with the Texas Panhandle community during these challenging times. We believe that together, through small acts of kindness like the Change for the Better – Panhandle Strong program, we can make a significant difference in the recovery and rebuilding efforts following these wildfires.

Andrew Mitchell, CEO of Toot’n Totum, expressed his gratitude and optimism, stating, “I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our Guests who participate in this Change for the Better program. Your generosity embodies the spirit of our local communities. Together, we can make significant difference in the lives of those impacted by the wildfires.”

For more information, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

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