August is National Water Quality Awareness Month

National Water Quality Awareness Month highlights the importance of accessible, clean water. City of Lubbock Water Utilities is committed to providing accessible, clean drinking water. We encourage the public to learn more about the quality of Lubbock’s drinking water. Every year, water utilities staff prepares a water quality report, also referred to as a consumer confidence report.

The most current information about the quality of your tap water is available in the 2022 Water Quality Report. This report includes a data table with the amount of regulated and non-regulated chemicals that were detected in Lubbock’s water. The data confirms that Lubbock’s Water Utilities continues to provide safe and reliable drinking water.

The 2022 Water Quality Report is available in English and in Spanish. It can be found online at Hard copies of the report can be found at Citizen’s Tower, the City libraries, community centers, and at the Water Utilities building located at 406 Municipal Drive.  Additionally, a hard copy can be requested by calling 806-775-3836.

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