It’s the New Year, the holidays are over and I’m dreading the Dead Days.

What are the Dead Days? These are the days between New Years and Memorial Day. No holidays for us radio guys and it’s non stop work until Memorial Day which is the kickoff for summer. Also I’ts the days which my wife decides are the best days for the following “honey do” nightmares.

“Spring Cleaning”

“Rearrange the Garage”

“What project on the house did Sean not finish last year?”

and my personal favorite, “This year, lets make a commitment to making lawn look good.”

Dead Days are great for HER but:

These are all great things for others, but I would rather gnaw off my arm and run screaming. It’s work that I will try and avoid until I’m dead. Not because it doesn’t need to be done, but because the mindless work starts with my wife assisting me, being part of the team cleaning. Then it moves to, “You know what to do I’m going to work on another project.”

Where do I find my wife 2 hours later while I have removed everything from the garage and shooed away people who are offering me $5 for my $150 bike because they think it’s a yard sale?

Asleep on the couch, yup and then when I am yelling at her to come outside and help me get rid of the people who think that “THIS IS NOT A YARD SALE” is just a negotiating tactic, I get the “well I just laid down for a second.”

Dead days are here friends and I know I have to fix the fence, move the security camera as well as figure out what I’m going to do with the last rose bush that seems to never want to die.

Those are my projects for my Dead Day portion of the spring, that and work but we all know, the Dead Day projects will always be there and nagging will commence until done.

Good Luck friends! I can sense tragedy any second now.

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