British Delegation in Lubbock for GREAT British Tour of Texas Promoting UK

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Her Majesty’s Consul General Richard Hyde will discover that to be true as he embarks on a road trip around the State beginning on Thursday, 13 July 2023.

Hyde and senior staff from the British Consulate located in Houston will travel west from Dallas to the panhandle and then return to Houston, resuming a trip that started in September 2022 but was sadly cut short due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The route will cover approximately 1,600 miles – nearly 2 times the length of the United Kingdom. This trip completes a journey three years in the making to visit the entire Lone Star state – including 2021’s 2,500 mile road trip to central and west Texas, with a return drive along the length of the Texas-Mexico border.

The team will meet with local businesses, civic and political leaders and other interested groups. The meetings will highlight the close economic links that the UK has with the state of Texas.

The British delegation will be promoting the commercial, cultural and academic relationship between Texas and the UK. Consul General Hyde is embarking on this visit 2 days after accompanying First Lady Cecilia Abbott and the Texas Secretary of State for a 48 hour visit to the UK. During that visit it was agreed that the UK and Texas would accelerate discussions on the terms of a Statement of Mutual Cooperation (SMC) to strengthen trade and economic development ties between the United Kingdom and the State of Texas. This future-facing agreement, focused on the unique, diverse challenges of the 21st century, will aim to increase transatlantic trade and investment opportunities for companies both in the United Kingdom and Texas and build upon the strong existing trading relationship.

180 years after the UK Government first appointed a representative to Texas, this tour is also a chance to mark the UK’s continuing commitment to enduring relationships, mutual prosperity and extensive security cooperation with long-standing and close allies.

Consul General Richard Hyde said: “The aim of this tour is to focus on cities outside the ‘Texas Triangle’ (Houston, Dallas, Austin/San Antonio). This will enable us to engage with a wide range of politically influential and economically important communities and groups. We also hope to demonstrate that the UK is a modern and dynamic partner of Texas, a leading centre of culture, music and sport and a world class centre of innovation and science.”




Thursday 13 July  Grand Prairie
Fri 14 July – Sun 16 July Amarillo
Monday 17 July  Lubbock 
Tuesday 18 July  Waco
Wednesday 19 July Brenham


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