City of Lubbock Animal Services Seeking Volunteer Foster Placements

The City of Lubbock Animal Services Department (LAS) is searching for volunteer fosters to take care of three two-week-old puppies. For puppies this young, it is considered a medical foster and the foster placement is expected to take care of the puppies and bottle feed them (typically feeding about every 2 hours).

In foster situations, LAS still is the owner of the animals, and will be until the animal is fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Only once these requirements have been met will an animal be eligible for adoption. During the time that animals are in the foster program, LAS will take care of all the medical needs of the animal. In cases where a foster placement decides they want to adopt an animal in their care, they will receive first priority on placing the application. No animals are available for an official adoption until they are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

Fosters for adult animals are also needed.
In the case of adult animals in need of fostering, LAS offers transport fosters. A transport foster is when an animal is fostered until it is ready to go on transport, which is usually only a few weeks.

There are also adult animal medical fosters. This occurs when LAS has an animal that is recovering from injuries or illness, and the foster placement would ideally keep that animal until it is fully recovered. During such time, the foster placement is responsible for giving the animal any medications needed, as well as making sure the animal makes it to all of its vet appointments.

Additionally, LAS offers a foster-to-feature program, where the foster placement would care for an animal while also seeking it a permanent placement. This might include things like taking pictures of the animal to share on social media.

With all volunteer foster arrangements, LAS will cover all medical necessities of the animal.

If you are interested in fostering for LAS, please visit

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