Stuck At Home? Need a Quick Workout?

By : Stratton Sims, Alpha Media Lubbock

How to stay in your daily workout routine, while stuck at home:

As freezing temperatures and wintry weather conditions loom over west Texas, many people are staying home in fear of unsafe driving conditions. As a result, some might struggle with attempting to stay true to their “new year resolution” as planned due to the weather.

Here are some ways that you can stay active and workout in your own home while never having to leave:


Push ups are a great workout which provides work on the upper body, ranging from the core, shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. To keep things easy and not too intense we recommend starting out with either 5-10 pushups in a 3 set series, while taking rest breaks in between sets.


Sit-ups are a great workout which highlight the core of the body, in addition to your hip flexors, neck and back. With the additional strain and  working of muscles, doing sit-ups in 3 sets of 10 should be just the right amount to feel your muscles working.


Now focusing on the lower portion of your body, squats are a great workout that are easy to do, and can be done with no weights. Squats emphasize strain on your glutes and quadriceps, allowing your lower half to gain strength. Squats are also another great workout to gain speed. Squats are recommended to 12-15 per set due to no weight, and are recommended to be done in a three set series.


Lunges are another workout that work the muscles in your body’s lower half. By creating a small area to enact a lunge-step, this workout, like squats, will strengthen your glutes and quadriceps, as well as your hamstrings and calves. Lunges can be performed in a three set series, consisting of 10-15 lunges a set.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping jacks are as easy as they come and can be completed in under 15 seconds. This is a great workout to get the heart rate up and blood pumping. Recommendations are made to begin this workout at the start, in order to allow your body to become fully loose and adrenalized. Jumping jacks can be done in sets of three, consisting of 15 reps per set.

Many of these workouts can be tweaked to make the session easier for yourself, and put less strain on your body. Other workouts can be performed in your household, but these five are workouts that can be completed by anyone without ever leaving your home or spending money
on equipment.

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