I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but outrunning the cops? While leading California police on a high-speed chase Tuesday, a suspected thief managed to get so far ahead of pursuing officers that he found time to stop for gas, authorities say. What’s more is he even went inside to pay.

Did the police apprehend the thief? We don’t know right now, but it is an interesting story.

The chase began after police notification of a theft at a Home Depot in Glendora. As news helicopters followed the pursuit, the suspect was seen stopping at a gas station. He appeared to give something to another person, one chopper pilot reports. He then continued on to the city of El Monte, where he stopped again. This time to fill up his tank, according to NBC-Los Angeles.

I’ve always wondered the concept of TV covering high speed chases. Is this what we really need to watch? Can’t someone make a show or entertainment so we don’t have to watch people endangering others in a high speed chase?

The police gave the guy distance to get away. (Following the pit stop where he gassed up and got a Slim Jim and road snacks… I jest.) The man continued leading officers through several more cities before getting on I-10 in West Covina according to police. TV news copters later spotted the vehicle pulling into a parking garage in downtown Los Angeles.

From there, the man disappeared into the great wilderness known as downtown L.A. to continue his game of hide & seek.

What do you think?

It can happen, but only in California…

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