Last game day experience in the United Supermarkets Arena

By: Julissa Garcia / Alpha Media Intern

March 9th was a very special day as basketball games in Lubbock officially come to an end for this year’s basketball season. Saturday was the last home basketball game and senior night at the United Supermarkets Arena, which means this was the last time that I would ever get to dance at a basketball game in Lubbock.

This day will be a moment that I will never forget because everyone truly made this day so special for the seniors. My amazing teammates got the pom seniors a gift as we celebrated getting ready to go out and dance for our last game. My parents came to Lubbock to watch me dance one last time and I am so grateful for their love and support.

I had the best time dancing on the sidelines the entire game and cheering on Tech basketball to a win over #11 Baylor. Being able to be a part of something that I am so passionate about is a huge honor. I will always remember my time at the United Supermarkets Arena, from freshman year being in the stands with a mask on due to Covid, to going undefeated at home my sophomore year, and my final game, these past 4 years have been the most amazing experiences ever.

My last basketball game in Lubbock was everything that I have ever dreamed of. From being recognized at halftime, to an insane basketball win, to sharing the court with my team one last time, it was truly a magical night.

These past 4 years have brought so much joy, many blessings, and memories that will last a lifetime of being able to cheer on the sidelines with the Texas Tech Pom Squad. Next up, we will be traveling on Wednesday to cheer on Tech basketball in Kansas City at the Big 12 Tournament.

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