Pro-Eaters in Texas for Outlaw Egg Rolls’ World Egg Roll Eating Championship

The #2-ranked competitive eater in the world, Geoffrey Esper and other top-ranked competitive eaters will converge in Lubbock, Texas, at the second annual Outlaw Egg Rolls’ World Egg Roll Eating Championship on Saturday, June 10, at 1:00 P.M at Prima Vista Event Center, 402 N Inler Rd Lubbock, TX.

Last year, Esper set a world record by eating 32.25 4-oz Outlaw Egg Rolls in just eight minutes. Esper will return to defend his title against a field of Major League Eating’s fiercest competitors. A total of $4,000 in cash prizes will be on the line for competing athletes.

“Outlaw Egg Rolls is regarded as the cultural crossroads between Texas and Asia, creating an important bridge between these cultures” said Major League Eating host Sam Barclay. “Major League Eating’s top athletes will be competing, so we anticipate an egg roll-eating record of epic proportions.”

Other participating Major League Eating athletes from around the nation will include #4-ranked Nick Wehry; #10-ranked James Webb; #23-ranked Derek Hendrickson; #28-ranked Nate Biller and more.

The contest is part of an all-day event, which will feature a free concert from Lewd and Tattooed, an 80s Rock cover band from Levelland.

About Major League Eating

Major League Eating (MLE), the world governing body of all stomach-centric sports, conducts more than 80 events annually, including the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island, N.Y. The competitive eating community is made up of more than 8,000 veteran and rookie gurgitators who travel the nation in search of top titles and the glory that they provide. For more information, visit, or Instagram / Twitter: @eatingcontest.

About Outlaw Egg Rolls

Outlaw Egg Rolls is a veteran-owned family business that started during the pandemic at a local farmer’s market. In 2021, the Brazil family opened a food truck specializing in various egg rolls to create the true “Where Texas Meets Asia” theme.



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