Burn Building Completion

Lubbock Fire Rescue is excited to share the official competition of its new burn building. This 4-story multi-function training prop was made possible under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). ARPA funds were disbursed across the country to provide government entities strategic investments in long-term assets. This new addition to the Lubbock Fire Rescue Training Field will allow a new and enhanced training experience for current and new Firefighters.

This burn building features:

  • 4-story fire training tower, a 2-story residential/industrial unit and a 1-story annex. Approx. 5000sqft total
  • Two-story interior stair, four-story interior stair, five-story exterior intermediate stair Gable
  • roof, 5/12 and 9/12 un-equal pitch on half of roof with perimeter welded guardrail Four-story
  • galvanized standpipe with FDC and two-head sprinkler run
  • 6 burn rooms protected with Padgenite Super HD burn liner system
  • 2 forcible entry doors, 2 forcible entry windows
  • Breachable floor/ceiling and breachable wall attic burn area system
  • Temperature monitoring system
  • Rappelling anchors on the roof

More on the Burn Building:

How does this building help training our firefighters more effectively?

This new burn building is going to allow an expanding array of training and experiences for our firefighters in a multitude of disciplines. Whether it’s our forcible entry prop, wall breaching prop, rappelling feature, or numerous floor plans, this burn building is going to allow various scenarios and simulations that will allow for an innovative caliber of training for our department.

How does this building differ from the last training building?

The current burn building that we have now, was built in 2000 and is only a single story structure. Additionally, as our firefighters have trained in this building repeatedly, they have gotten to the point where they have memorized the floor layout. This new burn building not only has varying floor plans, but also is multi-story. Lastly, it also includes other features such as standpipes and sprinkler systems that will allow for a new approach to their training as well.

Will this building be available for training by other area firefighters?

Yes, Lubbock Fire Rescue hosts its annual fire conference which brings in firefighters from across the South Plains.

Burn Building
Burn Building
Burn Building
Burn Building

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