I have a friend who buys all of the latest gadgets from the new iPhone, earbuds, to a self-operating vacuum. I mean they have every piece of technology imaginable. Do you believe in buying the latest technology when they first come out? Traditionally, I choose to wait for the second version of something before I get it. I’m not sure if the first thing will break. Now I’ll look at it for months and my wife may even buy it for me, but I won’t do it on my own.
I personally don’t buy a new phone until my current one breaks. I had a flip phone for the longest time. I learned about buying stuff first after I had a bag phone but couldn’t afford the minutes.
For the longest time the latest gadget I had was a pager. People would send me messages through codes for where we’d meet for drinks or the hottest band.
Are you a “gadget chaser?” Do you have to have all the latest gadgets?

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