From Lubbock Jail to Boutique Hotel

Ever wanted to stay in a room that used to run as a jail cell? Well, in a couple of years, one could do just that!

The Lubbock County Jail is expected to evolve into a downtown hotel. The hotel will be referred to as the Mayo Hotel, and will be a residence with 45 rooms.

Built in the 1930s, the Mayo Hotel was Lubbock’s jail until 2010. While vacant, the building could have been demolished and was listed on the Texas Historical Buildings endangered list.

In intention to preserve history, Jim Snyder from Brickhugger LLC and his brother aim to preserve the building; Snyder and his brother also preserved the Courthouse Lofts, which used to function as an old court house.

Along with the rooms, the hotel is expected to feature a coffee shop and bar referred to as, “The Slammer”. One can also expect an outdoor patio with seating along Buddy Holly Avenue.

The Mayo Hotel is expected to open in 2025, tentatively.


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