Lubbock Says Goodbye to Another Restaurant

A plethora of restaurants have opened up in Lubbock, but a plethora have also closed down. Lubbock’s Toro Burger Bar, located off Milwaukee at 7706, is serving its final year in the Hub City. Signage was posted on the burger bar in indication of the news after five years of serving Lubbock citizens. News of why Lubbock’s Toro Burger Bar is moving on is unknown.

Toro Burger Bar serves burger dishes with a twist, such as the Toreado Mac n’ Cheese Burger, the Hawaiian Burger, the Carnitas Burger, and more. For a list of Toro Burger Bar’s full menu, visit here.

Lovers of the burger bar can still enjoy Toro’s dishes in El Paso and Horizon City in Texas, and throughout Mexico.

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